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Debt Settlement

Consumers often look at their debt as a mounting problem with no solution. However, many do not realize how easy a debt settlement plan can end all of the confusion. A recent New York Times article even stated that debt settlement services can “absolutely help.” You can even settle medical bills, personal loans and other unsecured credit cards with Debt Finance Corp’s settlement services into one lump sum payment. These programs typically take a short amount of time to complete with lower payments than what your creditor wants you to pay.

As Debt Finance Corp negotiates with your creditors, you begin to see why debt management is easier with a counselor on your side. finding a reduced debt settlement is common when working with our counselors because they know all the information that gets a creditor on your side. You can easily find a settlement program that works for you.

Settlement counselors understand creditors as much as debtors, which is why Debt Finance Corp is so successful in lowering your debt. Credits typically forgive a large percentage of your total account balance in exchange for a settlement. Finally, a way to quickly be free of debt and pay only what you need to pay, without all the extra fees and interest.

Even if you do not have enough cash for a lump sum payment, our professional services will work out a plan with you to pay off your settlement over time. Our plan helps you save towards the lump sum payment while we negotiate with your creditors to find the best lump sum payment amount.