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Debt Consolidation

Recent studies showed that most persons have several credit card payments, each with different interest rates, penalties and fees. While everyone wants to pay off their bills, the process gets increasingly confusing with multiple debt sources. A debt consolidation service is the best option for managing all of your credit card payments into one.

Debt consolidation services allow you pay off debt within 4 to 6 years due to lower payments and waived late fees. You can positively impact your credit through Debt Finance Corp and simplify your budget that includes just one monthly payment.

Our debt consolidation services can lower your monthly payments and reduce your interest rates. Debt Finance Corp’s counselors know the secrets to talking to creditors and waiving late fees, avoiding collection calls and finding a monthly payment that is within your budget.

If getting out of debt is your first priority, debt consolidation is the step that can change your life. By enrolling in our program, our consultants assess your debt and budget, talk to you about different payments and negotiate with your creditors on your behalf.

Our counselors do all the work for you once you send your monthly payment. Your creditors receive a share of the amount, and you no longer have to handle separate credit cards or spread out all of your bills over the month.

Debt Finance Corp is also dedicated to giving you the tips necessary to continue on a path to debt-free financial security. If you find yourself inundated by phone calls and you just want to talk to someone whose on your side, Debt Finance Corp offers a debt consolidation service that combines all of your bills into one easy monthly payment.