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Credit Counseling

Everyone gets into debt for different reasons. Whether you have credit cards, personal loans, department store cards or other collection amounts, talking to a professional at Debt Finance Corp may resolve some questions and even lead you into a program that may same your financial portfolio. That's why counselors look at each of our clients as an individual and provide the right options for every situation. You may not fully understand your debt or how your credit rating has plummeted, or you may simply want to avoid scams. A credit counselor works with you and your budget, assessing your income and assets, then figures out a way to reduce your debt while still managing your living expenses.

Credit counseling will also establish a better budget that considers your financial goals. If you know that you have trouble sticking to a budget, Debt Finance Corp also offers tips and information that teach you the right habits towards a debt-free lifestyle.

Once you finish a credit counseling session, you can pick from multiple options to help you pay off your debt. For example, a debt management plan makes sense if you have exorbitant interest fees and debt sources. Plus, Debt Finance Corp's counselors talk to your creditors and lower your payments. You can always combine this with a debt consolidation plan, which combines all of your bills into one.

If you just want to be more savvy about your finances, credit counseling can give you the knowledge to maintain your financial goals and avoid debt.