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Credit Card Debt

Most consumers do not understand how to lower credit card debt. Whether they have high interest or mounting late fees, consumers often avoid even looking at a credit card bill, knowing that they can’t pay the minimum payment. Even when you owe over $15,000 dollars or more, there are options to paying down your credit card debt. You don’t have to file for bankruptcy or turn your phone off. You can actually speak to someone who has options to reduce your payments and find a plan that combines several cards into one monthly sum.

Debt Finance Corp provides the right counseling and programs for every credit card debt situation. You may have high interest. You may have astronomical fees. You could have several outstanding bills from different lenders. We are willing to work with any situation and find the right solution that lowers your payment and waives late fees. Our counselors talk to your creditors on your behalf.

With debt management, consolidation or settlement programs, you have a way out of credit card debt that benefits you from the very beginning. Not only that, but you receive a personalized counselor who considers your account individually and provides you with financial goals and budgeting options that help you maintain a debt-free agenda.

Many credit counseling companies exist, but only a few actually look out for the benefit of the consumer and not the creditor. Our counselors want to work on your side and recommend the right options for your income. If you want to get out of credit card debt in a short amount of time, consider any one of Debt Finance Corp’s solutions and talk to one of our professionals today.